Original oil paintings of the Australian landscape

Landscape of Waroonee Hill, South Australian outback

Bruce Daniel is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Sydney, Australia. He works in visual art, music composition and performance, theatrical writing, theatre design and story writing.

The current focus of his visual art is the Australian landscape, both outback and coastal.

“We all belong to the landscape. We are all connected to it and influenced by it. In my work I am attempting to explore and express that connection – to delve deep below the surface of things, to get in touch with the universal.”

On these pages you will find Bruce’s latest artworks, current and previous exhibitions. If you are interested in an artwork, click on the thumbnail to obtain further details. All artworks are framed ready to hang with a natural timber floating frame.


June 2021 – June 2022


Artist’s statement

The Coastal Exposure series explores the jagged coastal edge of our continent where the crust is exposed by the sea. My aim, as always, was to connect with the spiritual power of landscape. Locations are primarily on the coast of NSW, which contains some of the oldest known geological formations on earth. Following on from my 2020 solo show Yunta Landscapes, which featured the vast landscapes and ancient rock formations of the South Australian outback, the coastal landscapes in this series are vastly different from but intrinsically connected to the outback – both physically and spiritually.


Artist’s statement

I am of European stock but I am native-born Australian. The outback is in my bones despite having lived all my life in a metropolis on the coast. We all belong to the landscape; we are all connected to it and influenced by it. I felt a strong sense of connection while immersed in the ancient landscape around Yunta, South Australia, on Ngadjuri land. My paintings are my attempt to express that connection in images.